Monday, February 7, 2011

The Stranger

The Stranger by Albert Camus is a story revolving around the life of Meursault. Meursault is a unique character, he does not seem to have any connection to his emotions and is indifferent about all aspects of his life. After his mothers death, Meursault keeps vigil over his mother’s body. He smokes a cigarette, drinks coffee, and dozes off, not once stating any feeling of sadness or shedding one tear. Meursault has a relationship with a co-worker,Marie. This is not your typical relationship Meursault does not seem to care about Marie, the only instance of emotion toward her is when he says "I wanted her." She asks Meursault if he loves her, and he replies that “it didn’t mean anything,” but probably not. An abrupt murder takes place when Meursault kills an Arab he comes across on the beach. He is thrown into jail and his His lawyer seems disgusted at Meursault’s lack of remorse over his crime, and most of all at Meursault’s lack of anguish at his mother’s funeral.Meursault does not put a limit on what he would do for love because he does not really feel love. Most people spend their life listening to love songs, watching romantic comedies and dreaming about Mr. right. Love is all around us, and people want to feel this love. Meursault is different because he simply does not care. He does not yearn to take flight on the wings of love. He is indifferent and expresses minimal emotions and does not even care or desire love.

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