Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Odyssey

In the Odyssey, love has no boundaries. In this epic poem, Odyssey embarks on a treacherous journey to be reunited with his love (Penelope) and his home. Along this journey he is bombarded with obstacles, a battle with a Cyclops, a fight with the god of the sea, a trip to the underworld and many other precarious feats. Odysseus does everything in his power to return to his love, he is not hindered by limits. In this passage Odysseus’ emotions are reviled, "'Before the end my heart was broken down. I slumped on the trampled sand and cried aloud, caring no more for life or the light of day,and rolled there weeping, till my tears were spent'" (Book 4, lines 574-77). Along his journey Odysseus could have given into these feeling of despair and give up, but he prevailed against the odds. If Odysseus had set limits on how far he would go for love, he probably would never have been reunited with Penelope and returned home. He faced the most drastic of circumstances to find his love. He murders, battles and survives all in the name of love.

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